The Valley of Decision!

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God treats us better than we deserve every day!!!

In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z teaches about selflessness and the need to stay small in our eyes so that God can use us. He shares how he gave up some years in ministry to obey God’s command because he is assured that when we do the difficult, God will do the impossible. He makes us understand that surrendering to the guidance of God and letting go of our titles and egos make it easy for God to use us. He also informs us that God is drawing a line between the holy and the profane, citing the Book of John 5:31-36 to teach how to withstand the present evil age. 

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Again, Joseph outlines that we need to be lined up with God’s word, be aware of God’s calling in our lives, and do the work that aligns with the call of God in our lives, including having peers in that same field where we’re called to serve, to overcome the present evil age. Next, Heather ministers to us, severing every assignment that is not of God in our lives while encouraging us to let not our hearts be troubled but rejoice in the Lord. 

Once more, Joseph assures us that anybody who sacrifices for the Lord by giving up will certainly go up if he doesn’t faint. He prays that God moves in the political arena, to elect a God-fearing leader that will re-position America where it belongs. He further discloses that the opposite of holiness is common, hence, when God blesses us with a gift, we must make it holy by valuing it. He then concludes with a prayer, asking God for freedom to a level that hasn’t been seen before for every one of us. 


0:00 Introduction

01:44 Stay Small in Your Eyes

07:51 You Know What I’ve Called You to Do

09:43 A Dividing Line Between the Holy & Profane

10:50 John 5:31-36: Withstanding the Present Evil Age

16:04 Heather’s Ministration

19:19 Give Up to Go Up!

23:04 The Attack will be a Comeback!

28:33 Conclusion