PROPHECIES of SHOCKING EXPOSURE—2020 Prophecy The LION, The BEAR & Goliath Shall be Defeated!!

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Does your gift point people back to Christ?

In today’s prophetic live broadcast, Joseph Z revisits his past broadcast of January 2, 2024, where he reminded us of his prophecy about the body of Christ being faced with the Lion, the Bear, and Goliath. He also informed us that we were stepping into the season of Goliath, however, there will be light that will rise to meet the darkness that abounds on the horizon. Recall that on March 13, 2020, Joseph also warned about the lion, the bear, and Goliath which would challenge the body of Christ; however, he assured us that God would rise to the occasion because we would knock Goliath down. Regardless, he assures us that God is not mad at anyone and will rearrange his Church to be what he has designed it to be. 

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Moving on, Joseph revisits his broadcast of October 26, 2021, and November 2, 2023, where he revealed that God would put a separation between the holy and profane. That is to say, all ungodly practices will be exposed because pruning will take place in the body of Christ, which will birth a new prayer movement. Next, we see an interview where Joseph shares how he realized he has a prophetic gift and when he discovered he has a vocation to redirect people from mysticism towards faith in Jesus. He brings to our understanding that those who truly have a prophetic calling, have a mysterious disposition that causes their presence to demand an explanation wherever they find themselves. 

Interestingly, we will come to learn that psychics and prophets operate from the same gifting, but the difference is that the psychics have the wrong driver behind the wheel; for while the pophets operate with the holy spirit, the psychics operate with demons. Joseph also clarifies that the gift of prophecy is not to wow people and make them feel good about themselves, but to edify and equip the body of Christ; having gifts doesn't mean we must always use them at every point in time or use them to gain favor from people. Again, we’re made to realize that in everything we do, whether we’re operating in our gifts or not, we should ponder on whether our actions are pointing people back to Jesus. 

Furthermore, Joseph shares how we can put ourselves in check, especially when there is an urge to outdo our last performance. He reminds us of the importance of following God’s guidance, citing when God commanded him to take a break from his ministry despite the many events underway, which he obeyed even though it was difficult; however, he made us understand that when we do the difficult, God will do the impossible. Also, he points out that when God truly calls us to an assignment, we go at it against all odds because we know that God is behind what we do. Additionally, he clarifies the differences between true, and false prophets, pointing out how novices in the prophetic smear the image of the true ones because they’re untrained and incompetent. 


0:00 Introduction

01:25 The Lion, Bear & Goliath

05:50 Separation Between the Holy & Profane

06:33 Justice & Exposure in the Body of Christ

17:11 Psychics & Prophets: The Gift & the Wrong Driver

18:47 Rightsizing the Prophetic

22:37 Does Your Gift Point People Back to Jesus?

27:00 Putting Ourselves in Check 

35:00 What is the Heavenly Language?

38:28 Recurring Numbers: What You Need to Know

42:21 Conclusion