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It’s a special edition of the No Limits Q&A forum today, as Rick Renner joins Joseph Z to respond to concerns regarding Demystifying the Prophetic. Joseph informs us that God speaks in the spirit and communicates to us uniquely because He wants to be pursued; for God is a spirit and those that worship Him do so in the spirit. He also points out the difference between the Old & New Testament prophetic ministry, exposing that God communicated with mankind without a mediator in the Old Testament; whereas, in the New Testament, we have our Lord Jesus as the great mediator between us and God. Still, the spirit of God is speaking to us through his Son Jesus and the holy spirit, thus, we must develop the gift of hearing the voice of God. 

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Next, Rick makes us understand that being saved doesn’t qualify us to hear from God, so we must train ourselves to hear from God. Interestingly, he also enlightens us about prophets making mistakes sometimes, which doesn’t mean they are false, but only need to take steps to correct their mistakes. Joseph then points out that the spirit of prophecy in us should bring testimony to Jesus, leaving us with a spirit of faith, not fear and dread. Once more, he points out that the truth of the word of God can be altered by traditions sometimes and we must adhere to the word of God to not fall into the temptation of being entangled in tradition. He also makes us understand that praying in the spirit sharpens our spiritual sense to hear from God.

Additionally, Joseph clarifies the difference between prophets and the gift of prophecy, pointing out that a prophet has a responsibility in a segment of the body of Christ while the gift of prophecy is available to everyone else. He further outlines the four prophetic flows, Roeh, Nabi, Chazah, and Choseh. Further, he interprets the Roeh flow as the sons of Issachar anointing, who knew the times, what to do, and had the right alignment to accomplish it. He also explains that Nabi is inspirational, and Chazah means to gaze, while Chozeh means to behold; it is also a futuristic prophetic gift that can not be induced in any way. He then clarifies that one can move in all four prophetic flows but there are majors and minors. 


0:00 Introduction

04:13 Do Not Despise Prophets

05:32 Old & New Testament Prophetic Ministry

08:58 Hear What the Spirit is Saying!

17:07 The Role of Praying in the Spirit in Hearing from God

18:00 The Role of Music in Prophecy

21:26 Prophets & the Gift of Prophecy

22:14 Prophetic Flows: Roeh, Nabi, Chazah & Chozeh

24:03 The Sons of Issachar Anointing

35:41 Conclusion