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“Those who regard worthless idols, forsake their own mercy”.

Today on the live broadcast, Joseph Z cautions all mockers of God to beware of His coming judgment. He references the Book of Jonah 2:8 to remind us that those who regard worthless idols forsake their own mercy. Moving on, we see a clip detailing the immediate repercussions that befell all those who mocked God and the most interesting one was the incident with the Turkish MP who immediately fell to his death after issuing threats at Israel and God. 

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More interestingly, the Book of Galatians 6:7 cautions against being deceived into believing that God can be mocked because God can not be mocked; for whatever a man sows, that, he also reaps. Next, he cautions about what we sow into our future, for whatever we sow, we shall reap; if we sow corruption or wickedness, that, we shall reap. 

Joseph further frowns at the older generation who go with the flow of the evil culture rather than standing up to oppose it and redirect the steps of the younger ones who are derailing from the truth. He urges us not to be discouraged nor faint in doing good while citing the Book of Psalm 73 to further warn about the ugly fate of the wicked. He then urges us to stay encouraged, enthusiastic, and filled with faith, about what God has called us to do.  


0:00 Introduction

04:34 Jonah 2:8: Warning for Idolaters

06:08 God Fights His Own Battles: God is not Mocked!

11:00 Galatians 6:7: God Cannot be Mocked

21:11 Do not be Discouraged!

22:16 Psalm 73:1-19: Fate of the Wicked

31:00 Conclusion