Navigating Prophetic Experiences - No Limits w/ Rick Renner

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Learn how to navigate prophetic experiences in today’s No Limits session, as Joseph Z and Rick Renner bring clarity, to this discourse. Joseph outlines the different prophetic flows: Roeh, Nabi, Chozeh, and Chazah. He explains that Roeh is a visionary prophet who knows what to do and how to act. They are like the sons of Issachar, who knew the signs of the times, what to do about them, and had the right alignment with the right people. 

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Joseph also explains that the Nabi is the most common form of the prophetic, it wields an inspirational gift and reveals the future through inspiration. Chazah, however, means to gaze as seen in 2 Kings 8:10-12. While Chozeh means to behold or lean into the future and can not be induced in any way as seen in Ezekiel 12:27. interestingly, Joseph reveals that he operates in Nabi, Chazah, and Chozah, but moves mostly in Nabi and Roeh; clarifying that one can move in all prophetic flows, although, there are minors and majors. 

Furthermore, he discloses that for an interpretation to be free of bias, a prophet has to understand the revelation, be able to interpret it accurately and ensure a proper application. Rick then makes us understand that, sometimes, a prophecy may be correct, and we interpret it correctly, but the time of application is out of key and can ruin the prophetic experience. He further clarifies that no one prophet has it all, and we need one another to make most prophetic experiences complete. 


0:00 Introduction

01:31 Prophets & the Gift of Prophecy

02:02 The Different Prophetic Flows

17:10 Prophecy & Interpretations

24:32 Interpretation & Right-Timing

27:08 Ezekiel & Jeremiah: The Conflicting Prophetic Word

32:20 Conclusion