Where Are We Headed?

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“I need your feet in certain locations during this time because great change is coming”.

In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z enlightens us about where we're headed. He informs us that God has anointed us to overcome these evil times, and we must unite to start changing things. He points out the importance of giving up criticism to cooperate with God while sharing his prophetic visit to the River Euphrates, where God gave him a message saying, “I need your feet in certain locations during this time because great change is coming and you represent America”. 

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Also, Joseph enlightens us about the term, Sensus Plenoir, which means “a deeper fuller meaning”, used in describing events that have already happened but keep repeating until the final repeat that will manifest the end. Interestingly, he throws more light on eternity past, and future while reminding us that Christ has given us everything, and we must walk in His finished works and not succumb to pleading for what is already made available to us. 

Joseph further explains that Jesus is the last Adam, who came to fulfill what Adam was called to do. He also brings to our understanding that the redeemed will be at the thousand-year reign of Jesus, where they will see Christ as He is. However, the devil will try to deceive the world one last time, until God sends fire from heaven to consume him alongside his followers.  


0:00 Introduction

O7:33 Ditch Criticism & Cooperate with God

09:41 Headwaters of Euphrates River: God’s Message

11:30 The Sensus plenior: What You Need to Know

15:03 Eternity Past & Future

29:42 Conclusion