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“For I am with you. Fear not! Enter these times with joy and thanksgiving, for there will be a good conclusion in the generations to come”. “Make ready, for great change is coming”.

Discover what’s coming next in today’s prophetic broadcast, as Joseph Z references Biblical events to expose what to expect in the coming seasons and times. He instructs that hell is not enough because God’s holiness was violated by a vile act of sin found in the devil because he was in love with money. This gave birth to his rebellion against God which led to the creation of hell which is an absolute response to the violation of God’s holiness; for there is no level of punishment enough to match the crime committed against God. However, to atone for this violation, God sends his son, our Lord Jesus to come to the world to redeem mankind. 

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Next, Joseph explains that at the end of this world, the great white judgment will take place and all those who did not receive the salvation offered by our Lord Jesus will be thrown into a lake of fire, leading to the birth of a new heaven and earth. He then references the Book of 2 Peter 3:10 to remind us of the Biblical warning concerning the second coming of Jesus while informing us that we can alter timelines by our obedience. Also, in the Book of Matthew 24, we see another warning about the events that will occur during the end times; urging us to pray that the end does not come upon us at a particular season or time. 

Furthermore, Joseph points out the importance of discerning the times and seasons as warned in Matthew 16:3-5; while urging us to embrace the wisdom of the sons of Issachar, who knew the signs of the time, what to do about it and were aligned with the right tribe. He makes us understand that when we find our tribe, we find our calling. He then informs us that there will be tribes merged into movements. He then moves into prophetic ministration, revealing what to expect in the coming season, urging us not to fear but pray, because God promises one more round for America’s redemption. Although everything that can be shaken will be, we will not be shaken for we will come out at the other side of the evil before us. 


0:00 Introduction

02:42 Hell is not Enough

08:57 The Great White Throne Judgment

12:47 2 Peter 3:10: Warning about End Times

16:09 Matthew 24: Events Before the End Time

20:02 1 Chronicles:12:32: The Sons of Issachar

25:25 Tribes Merged into Movements

27:58 Joseph’s Prophetic Message

36:56 Joseph’s Prayer for America & all Nations

42:10 More Prayers: Conclusion