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“Perfect love drives out fear”.

On the prophetic live broadcast today, Joseph Z is in the studio with Heather and Allison; they share testimonies from partners while expressing appreciation towards all those who have partnered with the ministry. Also, Joseph shares words of wisdom for all those looking forward to starting a family, advising that likeness for each other is important, alongside having the same interests. He also emphasizes holiness, as an important virtue to attain holy matrimony. 

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Next, he reveals that the Lord is bringing a turn of the tide in the political scene while revealing the recent interesting narrative about aliens. He shares a clip detailing aliens’ hate for Jesus which goes to show that the alien narrative is more spiritual than physical. One would wonder, what it is about Jesus that these aliens don’t like. However, this goes to affirm Joseph’s view about aliens, as he believes there’s no such thing as aliens but there are demons and fallen angels which best describes the spiritual identity of these beings. 

Additionally, Heather shares her encounter with an alien, which departed immediately after she began to pray in the name of Jesus. She makes us understand that when we embrace the name of Jesus, we become bold and fearless enough to confront darkness. Joseph further makes us realize that Jesus’ name in our lives brings discernment and power; while urging us to stay in God’s word to overcome the devil’s tactics. 


0:00 Introduction

06:50 Thank You Partners!

08:27 Words of Advice for Those Starting a Family

14:28 A Turn of the Tide

16:57 Aliens Don’t Like Jesus?

18:11 Heather’s Encounter with an Alien

23:20 Bots & their Demonic Roles

27:05 Conclusion