THE 4 YEAR STORM!! An IN DEPTH PROPHECY about what is coming NEXT!

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On today’s prophetic update, Joseph Z shares some prophetic revelations concerning the US and what to expect in the coming years. He informs us that the dominoes have been pushed behind the scenes and will begin to manifest soon. He urges us to be ready for the great change on the way because of a redemptive instability instigated by God. He also alerts us about the breakout of revivals, turmoil, economic shaking, electric war, solar flares, and geo storms, coming soon. However, the Lord assures us of a way in the midst of all these and another day. He further reveals that the redemption ark is in motion, for evil will slay the wicked but it will not come near the righteous. 

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Next, Joseph reveals that change is coming to the white house, for America will not go down even if it suffers and goes through difficult times because God’s hand is upon this nation. He then prays for the diversion of tactical nukes and for plans to destroy small nations to fail while assuring us that redemptive instability is coming soon for there will be a good conclusion in the coming generations. He further reveals there is war in the “heavenlies” over many nations today while revisiting his experience at Trump Tower in 2015, where God revealed to him that America has one more round. 

Joseph further insists that 2025 will be a year of fire and redemptive instability, and that “the attack will turn into a comeback” at a great cost. He then asserts that we’re going through a time of flames that will extend to the coming year, but we will come out on the other side. Also, he reminds us of his prophecy during New Year's Eve, where he disclosed that a new character will be introduced in the political scene while also sharing that oil will fix the economic breakdown the US is currently experiencing. 


0:00 Introduction

12:53 The Dominoes are Behind the Scene

18:17 Redemption Ark is in Motion

26:38 Fear Not!: Great Economic Change is Coming

32:28 War in the Heavenlies

34:30 The Trump Tower Experience

41:44 2025: A Year of Fire & Redemptive Instability

43:15 The Attack will Turn to a Comeback

47:57 The Year’s Prophetic Timeline

53:39 The US Political Future: New Characters

1:03:00 Conclusion