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“Be careful who you let into your cabin”. 

Today, on the No Limits Q&A session, Joseph Z is in the studio with Heather, Allison, and Ariel, and they reminisce on God's wondrous work in people's lives through them, the miraculous healings, and faith impartations. Heather makes us realize that we shouldn’t go along with the report we’ve been given, but rest on God’s promise in the strong belief that He will make us whole, for He has called us to lay our heavy burdens at His feet. 

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Next, Joseph references the Book of John 10:9-10 to remind us that Jesus is the gate and whoever goes through Him will be saved. He is also the author of Life and Came, that we may have life more abundantly. Moving on, Heather points out the importance of checking who we allow into our lives when we find ourselves in desperate situations, as they can either make our faith stronger or waiver in our faith in God. 

On the other hand, Joseph shares the importance of monitoring people’s patterns, because patterns determine capacity. He goes ahead to share his dream, where God used a deathly scenario to warn him about the dangers of allowing certain people into his space. Interestingly, Ariel shares some thrilling testimonies from our viewers and we return all glory to God for all He’s doing through our ministry. 

Joseph further assures us that our best days are yet to come, and we will begin to see restoration in our lives and various families as we continuously put our trust in God. They conclude with a prayer, declaring healing over ailing bodies, finances, and every other area that requires God’s attention. 


0:00 Introduction

22:38 John 10:9-10

31:03 How to Win in Desperate Situations

34:42 The Cabin & the Wild Wolves

40:12 Testimonies & Praise Reports

50:34 Your Best Days are Yet to Come!

1:08:17 Prayer: Conclusion