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In Red Church today, Joseph Z teaches about spiritual growth and the importance of reading the scripture consistently until it starts speaking back to us. He makes us understand that when the holy spirit is alive in us, it becomes difficult to sin because the word of God will make us behave righteously on accident, more than legalism will make us act on purpose. Also, he explains that constant meditation on God’s word provokes a lasting change from the inside of us, and will cut through the strings that hold us bound to this world; thereby becoming a crushing disappointment to the plans of the enemy. 

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Joseph further clarifies that religion bows us down like a slave, but Jesus comes along and stands us up like a son and daughter of righteousness. On the other hand, Allison points out that without a strong foundation in God’s word, we become susceptible to false teachers and prophets, wandering around, and seeking Christ where He can’t be found. Again, Joseph references the Book of James 1:2 to remind us of the need to count it all joy when we fall into trials because testing our faith produces patience. He further makes us understand that joy is a spiritual force that grants us strength, even at our low moments. 

Additionally, Allison leads us to the Book of Hebrews 6:11-13 to remind us about imitating those who obtained the promise of God, through faith and patience. Joseph then explains patience as staying consistently the same as the first time we heard God and remaining faithful to what God told us to do. They conclude with a prayer, speaking joy into our hearts, and that God will grant us strength and endurance. 


0:00 Introduction

07:11 Religion Bows You Down as a Slave

13:19 Embrace the Foundation In God’s Word

14:54 James 1:2: Joy in Trials 

18:24 Hebrews 6:11-13: Imitate the Faithfuls

22:29 Patience: Meaning

25:07 Faith & Patience: What You Need to Know

31:00 Prayer: Conclusion