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“When a culture is left unchecked, and God’s people don’t stand up; all that’s necessary for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing”. 

In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z informs us about the Lord's desire to destroy the spirit of Jezebel using His anointed reformers. He asserts that America needs to stand because we’re the only obstacle in the way of the wicked elites who seek to destroy the nations of this world. Also, he exposes Jezebel’s spirit, which he reveals to be a spirit of control, domination, intimidation, and outcommunicating the prophets, in a bid to shut up and intimidate the prophets. Interestingly, he references the Book of 1 Kings 18:7-19 to remind us of the story of Ahab, and Jezebel who forsook the ways of the Lord to follow the Baals; a secular, ungodly, prosperity god, and a wicked spirit that ruled the land. 

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Next, Joseph shares his vision of Kamala and Trump years back, where it was revealed to Him that the former will be the VP and may eventually replace the Manchurian candidate in the future. On the heels of this, and with the word the Lord has given about the spirit of Jezebel today, the nation may be at risk of falling under the rulership of Jezebel’s spirit. He further shares the clip where he gave this prophetic word about Kamala on August 12, 2020. He insists that the spirit of witchcraft is trying to impose itself on the seat of leadership. However, he assures us that God’s grace and mercy are upon the US and will confront Jezebel’s spirit coming strongly at it. 

Joseph further discloses that the US represents “Mount Carmel” where Elijah gathered the Prophets of Baal to show them who the true God is. Thus, God will surely bring fire down to destroy all representatives of Baal in our nation today. Once more, he insists that the spirit of God will cause secret revivals to go viral and cast down Jezebel’s spirit, and it will come from those who have been persuaded and failed by the wicked, evil culture. He then assures us that God will make a way where there’s been none, urging us to be encouraged and not discouraged by the future. In addition, Allison concludes with a prayer, encouraging us with God’s words while breaking down the grip of the spirit of fear over our lives. 


0:00 Introduction

05:44 The US in a Valley of Decision

08:28 Understanding the Spirit of Jezebel

10:34 1 Kings 18:7-24: Elijah & the Prophets of Baal

24:00 Joseph’s Vision about Kamala & Trump

25:14 A Clip of Joseph’s Past Prophecy on Kamala Harris

32:10 Grace & Mercy Intercepts the Jezebel’s Spirit

38:13 Secret Revivals Publicised

40:29 God Will Make a Way for You

42:16 Prayer: Conclusion