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“Believe me, and you will see victory”.

In today’s prophetic broadcast, Joseph Z warns about the word “Decapolis(ten cities burning)”, and the solar flare narrative, which he believes is a false flag; alongside religious wars on the streets previously exposed in past prophecies. Also, he reveals that God has released the anointing for diamond seeds, they’re the faithfulness unto the Lord despite the difficulties experienced, which end up bearing fruits. He references the Book of Psalm 126 to explain the diamond seed anointing further, for those who sow in tears shall reap in songs of joy; that is to say, what we put into the soil with toiling and sweat, shall turn into diamond seeds when we reap the harvest. 

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Next, Joseph informs us that oil will rescue the nation’s economic situation; insisting that the battles we face now will produce something extraordinary, for the battle is not over until we win. Allison alludes to a scene in “Batman” (the movie) to point out that the way we see our battles determines whether we will be victorious or not, like Batman, she recommends we tell our problems, “You’re not the devil, you’re practice”. She urges us to view our battles as temporary assured that we will get to the other side victoriously. 

Joseph further informs us that there will be a massive reclaiming of what has been lost, ranging from properties, destinies, and purpose to relationships, for all those who trust in the Lord. He further discloses that “foreign will turn into forfeit”, and that there will be the most mass deportation in history soon. Also, he reveals there will be oil autonomy; a prolonged season of gas and oil. Recall that he gave a prophecy about the Lion, the Bear, and Goliath in 2020, explaining that the lion is the lockdown and media intimidation; the bear has to do with economics while Goliath is a systematic and global control. 

Furthermore, he assures us of a rightsizing and One More Round regardless of all that will take place, for when a course is too small, men fight, but when it’s big enough, they unite. Allison concludes with a prayer, speaking strength over everyone, and assigning the angels of the Lord to all issues concerning us. 


0:00 Introduction

04:46 Decapolis & Solar Flare Narrative

05:41 Diamond Seeds: Psalm 126

09:35 Movement for Oil

13:55 Reclaiming of Lost Treasures

16:43 Foreign to Forfeit

19:35 2030: A Year of the Big Agenda

21:19 The Lion, the Bear & Goliath

23:45 Rightsizing & On More Round

28:57 Prayer: Conclusion