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In today’s prophetic live broadcast, Joseph Z alerts us about the current dilapidating state of the Chinese economy. Recall that Joseph had earlier prophesied on 31 December 2020, that the Lord would deal with the dragon that had persecuted His children, and their border would become insecure through exposure and technology, alongside an economic shaking that would cause them to reconsider their course of action. He also revealed that the Lord would expose the wickedness of their treachery because the people in God’s underground church are God’s precious ones who would receive a crown that no one can take away. 

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Next, Joseph revisits his prophecy of August 9, 2022, where he revealed that economic turmoil would befall the Chinese economy which would lead to a turn of the tide; however, the Lord assured that he would strike their influence down because the lion of the tribe of Judah shall triumph over the red dragon. Also, he makes us realize that the Roe Vs Wade overturn has availed us of a moment of mercy that has propelled the nation to another level of mercy. On the other hand, Allison professes her faith in God’s unwavering faithfulness, assuring us that everything will work out for our good despite the difficulties ahead, as God doesn’t go back on His words. 

Joseph further leads us to the Book of Revelation 9:13-20 and Revelation 16:12-15 to explain that China is the main catalyst in the end times of the global extinction of one-third of humanity through angelic wickedness released to empower this destruction. He further discloses that America’s future and destiny are dependent on how it treats Israel, reminding us that we’re in a valley of decision at the moment. Interestingly, he shares his vision of angels: red, white, and blue standing over the US, with the blue angels standing far off seemingly waiting to see if the red and white angels would join him. He interprets the blue angel to represent Israel and the red-white angel being the US. In addition, he urges us not to be afraid, for God’s hand is upon our lives and He will protect us through it all. 


0:00 Introduction

04:05 Joseph’s Past Prophecy about China

05:42 Economic Turmoil: Joseph’s Past Prophecy on China

11:27 Revelation 9:13-20: Revelation 16:12-15

25:30 USA & Bible Prophecy

27:25 Joseph’s Vision of Angels Red, White & Blue

28:47 God is Making a Way for You

30:50 Conclusion