Their Plans SHALL FAIL! Your Season of Victory is Here!!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z reveals that there’s a spiritual force coming against the agenda that’s trying to put everyone in a digital cage. He discloses that generation alpha is coming and that God will not allow this plan to thrive. He references the word of God from the Book of John 14:1 to encourage us not to let our hearts be troubled because the Lord is with us. He went on to reference the book of 3 John 1:2 to educate us on God’s will for our souls and our lives in general. Also, he clarifies that when we renew our minds with God’s word, we fortify our being and we will not be shaken by anything that may come at us; as God wants us to rise above our battle.

Moving on, Joseph discloses a sense he has regarding falling towers that represent institutions, and brands; there’ll also be an electrical storm, and blackouts spearheaded by the nefarious perpetrators behind the scene, but despite these, he insists that their plans will fail. He declares that the spirit of the Lord will not desert us, as we’re part of a kingdom that can not be shaken and God is calling us to rise up in the midst of darkness. He then reveals that there’ll be a disruption to the plans of the evildoers regarding the power grid, AI, and border issues.

Again, Joseph Z declares a paid-in-full anointing and provision for us and breaks sabotage and cyclic failure off our lives. He reassures us that God will quicken our mortal flesh, and prays for complete healing over every one of us suffering from any terminal disease. He declares more direction, clarity, increase, and paid-in-full anointings over us all. He further reveals that the government will be impacted right now and that there’s a change happening that will plunge us into a new timeline.

Furthermore, Joseph Z reveals that there’ll be microwaves that’ll accumulate into a roar in “24”, he then discloses a leveraging happening for Florida and for our individual families. He insists that there’re seven states that’ll rise up, a clarion call for righteousness to abound again; then he reassures us not to fear for there’s another round coming. He again reassures us that God will take us out of Egypt into the land of promise.

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0:00 Introduction

02:11 A Million for a Billion

05:26 John 14:1: Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

14:03 3 John 1:2: God’s Will for Our Souls

23:35 Falling Towers: Institutions & Brands

24:52 Blackouts: Grids Compromise

27:57 Debt Ceilings

31:22 The 2030 Plan: Dead on Arrival

38:25 Recurring Enemies Narrative

39: 16 Prophetic Healing Prayers

45:26 Instant Governmental Impartation

51:55 More Prophecies & Conclusion


June 01, 2023