CLOSING PORTALS OF EVIL! Ocean Warfare, Social Media Freedom, and the Turning Point of 2024!!

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“Evil will slay the wicked but will not come near us”.

In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z reveals interesting prophecies about events that’ll take place and certain individuals in the political arena. He shared the strong sense he has concerning this generation, and how they will get a wake-up call to push back the nefarious activities in society. Again, he charges us to pray and push back the nefarious agenda being launched at the people. He reveals that false prophets and voices will be pushed to the side, as the Lord is raising clear-eyed and clear-minded reformers that'll rise to usher in victory. 

Moving on, Joseph informs us that the Lord is calling us to rise with great strength. He again discloses that there’s a different emphasis on the political arena focusing on the Church laced with an expectation of what the church will do about the socio-political and moral depravity all over the land. He went further to make more revelations regarding the things that God showed him in the coming years, which have to do with the oil rigs, the roar of war, air occurrences, and space events. In addition to this, will be another digital resurgence for a season, and a shaking coming to the scene of airlines.

Similarly, Joseph persists by making more revelations relating to a great provision that’s coming for us; although there is still a lot that’ll take place, God wants us to have no fears as He is going to be there for us. We’ll outlast and outlive the enemies that have been put in our pathway, and there’s also a strength coming for all those who are undergoing any form of pressure at the moment. 

In addition, Joseph reassures us that God is rising up strong and will make a way where there’s been no way for us all. Also, God will bring forth a return of what has been lost, and what we’ve sown in tears, we shall reap in tears of joy.

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0:00 Introduction

02:06 Wake-Up Call

02:50 Closing of Portals & Strange Fire

04:20 Disruptions for the Plans of Darkness

05:34 Emergence of Clear-eyed Reformers

07:04 A Great Awakening: Piercing of the Veil of Deception

08:28 A Call to Rise with Great Strength

09:50 Emphasis on the Church

12:00 Timeline & Events of Years to Come

18:04 A Shaking Coming to the Airlines

20:16 A Mighty Wave of Provision

21:32 Individual Prophecies & Conclusion


July 03, 2023