Get Ready! A Great Storm is Coming---But there's LIGHT IN GOSHEN!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z reveals that there’s a storm coming because the enemy hates a country that loves God; regardless the spirit of God has raised people that’ll stand to pushback on everything going on. Heather lends her voice to celebrate independence day, and thanks God for his mercy regardless of everything going on all over the nation. Again, Joseph insists that the storm coming is economic, and although there’ll be challenges, there’s light in Goshen. He proclaims that we’re coming into an awakening that’ll take bloodbath believers who’ll rise to take charge of everything. “God is not done with this nation”, he reveals and then discloses that there’s an exposure coming soon unto the scene. 

Moving on, Heather prays and releases protection over every one of us, and declares that no matter what’s going on in our household, there’s a sense of peace that abounds that we should embrace; she again prays that we are prepared in our hearts to be able to discern what the spirit of the Lord is saying. She charges us to place a demand on what belongs to us and what God has promised us, as she proclaims that the blood of Jesus is working on our behalf.

Similarly, Joseph went on to disclose that the evil perpetrators behind the scene want to launch their evil agenda against the nation and the people. He prays over the nation and speaks life over us all. He releases life over every situation in the nation and prays for one more round for the people of God. He went further to make more revelations about ships and ocean-related events coming unto the scene; he then rebuked the antichrist spirit causing havoc all over the nation.

Heather took the baton and prays over families and children who are susceptible to the spirit of the age, she declares deliverance and rescue of the Lord for all our children. She went on to proclaim wholeness over every one of us. In addition, Joseph prays for justice against the nefarious perpetrators behind the scene, while Heather encourages us to stay in the presence of the Lord and in tune with the spirit of God for divine guidance. 

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0:00 Introduction

01:29 Our Nation is Special

02:16 A Storm is Coming

02:41 There’s Light in Goshen

04:43 A Storm Over the Coming Summer

05:14 Prayer of Protection & Peace

07:24 Launch of Evil Agenda

08:43 A Prayer for One More Chance

10:40 Prayer Over Families

14:31 Conclusion


July 04, 2023