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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z bears some revelations that God wants us to know; he informs us that the spirit of God is charging us to rise, to do what God has called us to do, without fear of intimidation. He went on to reveal that God’s desire for us this season is found in the Book of Psalm 126. Similarly, he brings our attention to Luke 18:1-7 which charges us to pray without losing heart. For when we begin to say “no” relentlessly to the evil culture, pressing against it with righteousness and truth, God will cause a change to happen. Again, he informs us that we rise by showing up all the time, consistently doing what God has called us to do, and being the light in the darkness.

Moving on, Joseph went further to reveal that there’s a roar that’ll rise in 2024, a roar coming from God’s people, challenging the mountain to move without fear of intimidation. He brings to our understanding that God wants to avenge us speedily, but we must be firm in our faith in him because faith is what brings the wicked culture to its knees. He charges us to do what the Lord wants us to do while referencing the word of God from Psalm 126, which brings a message of God’s deliverance to those who wait on him.

Moreso, Joseph brings our attention to Isaiah 10:27, which assures us that the burden shall be taken off of our shoulders, and our yoke will be destroyed by the anointing. This means that there are levels to our breakthrough based on our obedience, and it can only be activated by our complete faith in God. He then charges us once again to rise to the truth, embrace it and rid ourselves of everything in us that is not of God.

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0:00 Introduction

01:55 It’s Time to Rise

04:35 Luke 18: Pray Without Ceasing

08:56 How Do We Rise?

09:50 The Unjust Judge

12:57 A Roar From God’s People

13:55 God Will Avenge Us Speedily

16:35 Will the Lord Find Faith in You?

19:15 The New World Order

22:50 Sowing in Tears, Reaping in Songs of Joy

25:52 Isaiah 10:27 

36:07 Conclusion