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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z makes some revelations about the things that God has revealed to him regarding some incidents. One of which is, a motion to impeach the Manchurian candidate and also a concern he has about a strong female figure who’ll emerge to run for the presidency. He reveals that there’ll be a lot of turns surrounding the political narrative, and insists further about the emergence of a climate lockdown which he had prophesied earlier on in the past. He insists that this will be pushed onto the scene soon. He went further to disclose that there’ll be activism for a good cause, from women of God, who’ll stand against wickedness.

Moving on, Joseph exposes that there’ll be economic activism from a lot of people demanding financial accountability, and we’ll head towards a time of unprecedented wildcard narrative. He went further to reveal that an interesting character who’s related to the Manchurian will be exposed soon and there’ll be witnesses who’ll rise to reveal how they’ve been victims of his nefarious activities. He went on to make more revelations about dark nights in the area of finances, and rumors of World War III.

Moreso, Joseph shares the encounter he had with God in the past, where God called him to come up higher into a place of revelation, teaching, and helping people navigate through these tough times. He then asserts that although we’re witnessing all these difficulties, in the middle of everything, God will raise us up; for it’s not the end. Also, he reveals that justice is coming which will make an impact on everyone. Again, he reassures us that we’re on the precipice of a great turnaround which will cost us all so much but will certainly come. 

Furthermore, Joseph reminds us that we’ve been called and anointed for such a time as this, and no matter what happens we all will be alright and our families will thrive. In addition, he expresses concern over how young people are being brainwashed and educated through social media, which has in a deep way destabilized them mentally and emotionally. He then calls on us all to join hands together to rescue our young generation from the present evil culture.

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0:00 Introduction

01:27 Motion of Impeachment

02:33 Wildcard{RFK Jnr}

04:38 CNN’s Commentary on 45’s Presidential Chances

06:40 Climate Lockdowns

08:17 Positive Activism From Women of God

09:29 Economic Activism

10:04 A Day of Reckoning for a Political Figure

14:29 A Turn of Narrative

15:24 A Time of Night

17:45 It’s not the End

21:20 Conclusion