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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z reveals some truths about the elites, one of them being the lackadaisical attitude of the majority of them who are running the country and whose actions he believes are fueled by the spirit of the antichrist. He proceeds further to reveal that Hollywood will take a nose dive because there’ll be a technology that’ll enable people to make their own movies from their backyards. He marvels at how the Barbie movie, which emasculates men could be allowed to make it to the screens. He went further to reveal that it’s not the end yet, referencing the word of God from the Book of 1 John 2: 18 to remind us about the coming of the antichrist, and further makes us understand that many antichrists had already manifested in ancient times. 

Moving on, Joseph continues by insisting that the spirit of the antichrist drives the elites that are behind the helm of affairs of the world, and we may begin to see an uprising against these dictator overlords soon. He went further to reveal that the coming spring would herald an opposition against the UN and its questionable medical policies. He insists also that we’ll witness a climate lockdown which will not go down well with the masses and will receive a drastic pushback. 

Moreso, Joseph insists that the UFO narrative will persist on our screens longer than we expected because it is a cover for the real issues going on behind the scenes which include a new tech, project blue beam, and the fallen angel narrative. He went on to assert that grey aliens are nephilims which are hybrids produced through a merging of humans and demons sexually or through DNA tampering. He further reveals that spirits can’t operate on Earth without a physical body. So, the reason demons and aliens exist is to gain access to humans, but he cautions that we be aware, because aliens are a lie created to deceive the masses. 

More importantly, Joseph assures us that the Lord is making a way for us and our families. He declares healing, and encouragement upon us; reminding us that the Lord wants us to rise and not be intimidated by the evil culture. He acknowledges there’s so much persecution against those who are standing for the truth, but he charges us not to give up, but be strong in faith; not bulging under the wait of any intimidation. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:04 Truths About Elites

03:46 Hollywood: Taking a Nose Dive

06:50 1 John 2:18: Spirit of Antichrist

10:19 The Elites: Under the Influence of Antichrist?

12:11 The UN Medical Tyranny

13:26 Climate Lockdown Narrative

15:22 The UFO Narrative: A Deception

20:23 The Antichrist: An Extraterrestrial? 

27:23 Reason for the Fallen Angels’ Deception

30:28 Be Not Deceived

33:49 Conclusion