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“The type of leaders you serve will determine the type of leader you become”.

In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z takes off from where he stopped in the “Forging of a Leader”. He asserts that Joshua served Moses as though he was a King even though Moses was a strong leader to work with. He employed the word of God from the Book of Exodus 33:11 to demonstrate how God would speak to Moses as a man speaks to his friend and how Joshua never departed from the Tabernacle, even when his Master left. He also uses this verse to enlighten us that when we’re serving a strong leader, we should never forget the secret place, because it was God that made Joshua a leader and not Moses. He went on to encourage us to emulate Joshua who through service and closeness to God, was bestowed a mantle of leadership for God’s people. 

Moving on, Joseph brings to our understanding that age has nothing to do with the call of God. He outlines the qualities of Joshua as seen in the Book of Joshua 5: 13-14 to educate us on how Joshua was able to recognize the presence of an angel of God; due to his constant closeness to Moses which endowed him with the Knowledge of God and recognizing God’s presence also. Again, Joseph commends Joshua’s obedience and steadfastness in his service, as he served Moses from a young age till the age of fifty-six. In addition, he points out that Joshua served because of his love and awe of God; he was obedient and stayed obedient to the end. 

Similarly, Joseph brings to our knowledge that the type of leaders we serve will make a great impact on our development as individuals, and the only thing worse than no mentorship is bad mentorship. He went on to assert that a man or woman with revelation is never at the mercy of one with an argument. He cautions us to be careful about who we allow to teach us because what we learn from our teachers becomes a part of our lives, and determines who we will become. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:27 A Service as Unto a King

05:08 Deuteronomy 34:9 

06:07 Exodus 33:11: Joshua’s Longing for God

11:55 Joshua's Steadfastness 

13:28 Joshua’s Love & Awe of God

14:49 Joshua 5:13-14: Joshua’s Encounter with an Angel

17:45 The Desire of True Leaders

19:45 Moses’s Approval of Joshua

21:15 Importance of Being Under a Good Leader

27:19 Preach What You’ve Lived & Experienced

28:49 Conclusion