Prophetic Update: Augmented Reality, DeepFakes—ALIEN UFO Deception—POWERFUL MINISTRY AT THE END!!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z revisits his prophecy of September 4, 2020, where he revealed that reality will change, which will make it difficult for people to differentiate real situations from fake ones, and we can see that happening today with AI. Interestingly, a news broadcast from July 19, 2023, on AI, reinforces the truism of this prophecy as we were able to see a scenario of some individuals shown as real and as fake(AI); for it was difficult to tell the real ones from the fake. We also saw that on August 11, 2020, Joseph Z made some more revelations about a stronger understanding of augmented reality that’ll come upon us, enabling us to decipher deep fake scenarios that allow a sense of reality to circumstances, which he insists is a form of augmented reality. 

Moving on, Joseph recounted his prophecy of December 8, 2020, where he revealed that there’ll be a UFO deception all over the place, and demonic entities that’ll come unto the scene to interact with certain individuals who would grant access to these demonic entities. He went on to caution us not to fall for these deceptions but to be consistent in prayer and stand firm to push back against these fake narratives. Again he revisited his prophecy of  May 12, 2022, where he revealed that there’s no such thing as aliens, insisting that this phenomenon is a mechanism of mass deception; a symphony of deception giving glory to the kingdom of darkness. 

Also, Joseph recalled his prophecy of November 21, 2022, where he insisted that the alien narrative is a deception employed to hide the real truth of what is going on. He went on to instruct us to fortify ourselves with the word of God to be able to withstand these trying times. We again witnessed a news broadcast of July 31, 2023, confirming this prophecy as concerns were raised in this broadcast, regarding the UFO scenarios that have crowded the scene. In addition, he also recounted his prophecy of November 8, 2022, where he made prophecies about Newsome; also revealing that there’ll be strong things that’ll break loose unto the scene.

Furthermore, Joseph encouraged us to read the word of God consistently and stay in prayer in order to stand strong against all that may come against us. We then witnessed an intriguing scene from Joseph and Heather’s convention this year, packed with powerful ministrations of prayer, healing, and deliverance from Joseph and Heather; courtesy of our God-sent partners.  

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0:00 Introduction

02:23 Real & Fake Scenarios

06:30 Augmented Reality

08:15 Deep Fake Scenario

11:43 UFO Deception

14:37 Alien Narrative: Symphony of Distraction

20:24 News on UFO Testimonies

23:24 Rise of Newsome

25:41 One More Round for the US

26:27 Conservative Media & Freedom Tech

29:03 More from our Convention: Heather’s Ministrations

45:20 Healing Prayers & Conclusion