Breakthrough is in the Air!

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“God will call those things that are not, as though they were”.

In this broadcast, Joseph Z brings us the good news of a breakthrough in the air for us all amidst the political battle going on at the moment. He discloses that there’s change and increase that is pressing against containment, and charges us to be prepared because every yoke is breaking off our shoulders. He went on to encourage us, assuring us that the spirit of the Lord is making a great way for us, for the victory of God is here. He cautions us to stay true to Jesus and not cower under the weight of the spirit of intimidation coming against us.

Moving on, he informs us that there’s going to be a new season because God is removing us from unholy relationships that have caused us anxiety and pain. He went further to assure us that we will outrun our enemies and persecutors because the Lord has anointed us to overcome and has given us victory over our stubborn pursuers. Heather takes over and assures us that the holy ghost would deliver us from all evil entanglements, and prays for the spirit of the Lord to grant us discernment to identify everything that is snaring us into the devil’s net. 

Similarly, Joseph and Heather reassure us of financial breakthroughs for us all, assuring us further that the delays in our lives are not denial; further declaring life, favor blessing, and increase over our lives. Again, they insist that the Lord Jesus is making a way for us, and victory is here for every one of us, for this is the season of divine property and abundance for us all. They declare protection and wholeness over us; also raising the name of Jesus over everything going on in our lives. 

Moreso, Joseph and Heather proclaim that for all our losses and challenges, the Lord will use our lives to punish darkness, for the Lord is making a great way for us all; to the greater glory of His name and for our happiness. 

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