Red Church - The Four Different Types of Prophet Gifts

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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z continues with his teaching on prophecy, employing the words of God from the Books of 1 Timothy 4:1 and John 10:27 to remind us that in later times, some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons. But the later verse reminds us of Christ's word regarding His sheep knowing Him, listening, and following Him accordingly. He then moves on to outline the four different types of prophecy which are Roeh, Nabi, Chazah, and Chozeh. He also further interpreted the meaning of these different types of prophecy and how to recognize them. 

Moving on, Joseph exposes that gifts can be trained in a way that they lack the spirit of God. He condemns the third eye ideology which has begun to invade Christianity, and cautions us to be weary of Hinduism as it has no relationship with our faith in Christ. He went on to explain that the Chozeh type of prophecy is futuristic, and it has a few traits in common with the Chazay. He references the word of God from the Book of 1 Corinthians 14:32 to establish that prophets need to listen to other prophets and also that prophets can control themselves; not acting on impulse. 

Similarly, Joseph enlightens us more, teaching that real prophets must be as humble as makes them admit their mistakes when they make one. He also discloses that part of the work of prophets is to train and raise other prophets as we saw Elijah do, during his time. He then further arms us with wisdom on how to resist demons and rebuke them, thereby preventing them from having access to us. 

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0:00 Introduction

02:58 The Four Different Types of Prophecy

03:46 Roeh: Visionary Seers

04:41 Nabi: The Inspirational Ones

05:36 Chazah: To Gaze or Look

13:07 Chozeh: Futurist Prophet

16:27 Common Traits of Chazah & Chozeh

19:22 1 Corinthians 14:32

22:30 Conspiracy Theories Take the Place of Faith

27:41 How to Defeat the Wicked Culture

30:09 The Rake Anointing

32:27 Conclusion