The Demon of Strange Fire!

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In this live stream, Joseph Z exposes the demon of strange fire, which he depicts to be a season of difficulty that has befallen the world at present. He insists that there’s a demonic influence of strange fire that’s coming onto the horizon, which will be social, educational, and economic; including the perversion of gender identification. He also reveals that we’ll begin to see false flag narratives and cautions that we watch out for geopolitical events and rumors of World War Three (WWIII). He brings to our understanding that everything that's going on is being done intentionally, and we should watch out for more exposure to the Epstein list. 

Moving on, Joseph emphasizes more on the Epstein list, showing us a video clip of a news broadcast about disclosures to the personalities and events associated with the Epstein files. He went on to insist that the Lord will continue to reveal the twisted behavior of these individuals that are affected in the Epstein files. We will come to see that there’s been an AI-powered airplane that flies itself which has been launched recently, and this is in confirmation of our prophecy in previous years where we exposed that there will be a war fought by artificial intelligence.

Moreso, Joseph insists that a lot is happening, revealing that there’ll be an impact on power, events around Wall Street, and some form of violence that will be economically induced. He further reveals that there’ll be oil rigs of land and sea on fire; food produced by farmers will also receive a lot of restrictions with the excuse of climatic changes. Again, he exposes that there’s a ray of hope for “45” to win, and it’ll be because they want to blame him for the mess they’ve made out of the country all this while.

Furthermore, Joseph cautions that we watch out for WHO’s medical perversions, and questions the national test of cell phones, which he believes is a violation of our privacy. He then leads us to believe that the strange fire narrative is a lie from the devil that wants to get us all under control; to do its bidding. He then reassures us that God is not done with us yet, neither is he done with our nation; encouraging us to be steadfast in our walk with God, and we shall be preserved. 

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0:00 Introduction

03:14 Demonic Influence of Strange Fire

06:19 Roar of War in 2024

06:54 A Shake to the Red Dragon

09:31 The Epstein List: More Exposure

14:26 Autonomous-Flown AI Aircraft

17:58 The Boundary Line

20:35 Impact on Power Grid & More

24:21 Oil Rigs: Land & Sea

27:09 A Win for “45”?

31:21 Nationwide Test Alert

34:50 Conclusion