National Urgency The Storm is HERE!! Prepare to OUTRUN YOUR ENEMIES IN THE RAIN!!

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In today’s broadcast, Joseph Z  makes a disclosure about a national urgency regarding where we are, and where we’re going as a nation. Just as Elijah defeated the prophets of Baal on Mount Camel, God is assuring us of our own moment in the middle of all that’s going on, and we’ll have a massive turnaround where we’ll outrun our enemies in the storm. He encouraged us, asserting that this is not a time of fear or anxiety, because there’s a sense of righteous indignation, that warrants us to stand and push back the wicked culture; for there will be great exposure to wickedness. He then shares information about eight hundred thousand misappropriated votes in the US, and he believes also that there could be a legal call that’ll nip the charges against “45” in the bud. 

Moving on, Joseph insists that there’ll be a national urgency relating to a storm, and warcrafts in the ocean/sea. He went further to reveal that there’ll be a convergence that he believes is prophetic, more like a preparation for a divine occasion. This will also bring exposure to ungodly characters, and he brings to our understanding that the global elites are not as in charge as we think they are. He further discloses that there’ll be military activities that’ll accelerate, it’ll be like a severe time or warning; we’ll also see a black swan cycle manifest in different ways. 

Similarly, Joseph discloses that there’ll be a financial apocalypse, reality tech, and a health crisis that is related to the vaccine issue. He went on to clarify that the black swan will encompass a decline in the US, power outages, airline impact, and submarine events. He assures us that these events can be nipped in the bud if we stand up to push back against them; he charges us to stand up in the fullness of what God has for us. He reassures us more, declaring that God wants to make a way where there’s none, for our sake, and there’s hope for us all.

More importantly, Joseph declares that we’ve one more round of opportunity to put a stop to these issues, preventing them from sweeping across the nation. Heather joins in, thanking God for his love and praying against the spirit of fear in our lives. She declares healing over us all physically and emotionally, declaring a paid-in-full breakthrough over us all. For those who have sowed believing God for intervention, she declares that our seeds are rebuking the devourer against our household, finances, and every area of our lives. She further declares that our seed is crying out on our behalf for Biblical returns on our finances, and our various households. 

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