Things are changing Right Now! Impeachment Talks! Torment is released against demonic Tormentors!

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In this broadcast, Joseph Z alerts us about the goings-on in the nation at the moment, both at the governmental, and the number of scenarios in our social setting. In spite of all these, he reassures us of a paid-in-full breakthrough happening for us. Although some unbelievable shaking and difficulty will be seen in the government, financial institutions, and every sector, we’ll have a paid-in-full breakthrough.

Also, he declares that the adversaries against our lives, and families are broken off of us; releasing the holy spirit to torment everything that’s working against our soul and spirit. He went further to declare that we’re in a great turn of a tide, spearheaded by God himself which will be both challenging and beneficial for us.

Again, he reassures us that everything we believe in God for will burst loose for us. He then encourages us to keep our eyes on the government and pray immensely for everything happening in the current political dispensation. 

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