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In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z brings to our attention that there’s a rightsizing that the Lord is bringing to the body of Christ that will enable us to accomplish the great commission. He goes on to inform us that God is calling us to walk in an outstanding level of humility. He shared the revelation he got regarding a decline for the US, that would later plumate to a roar spearheaded by the spirit of Elijah, which will also come with a rightsizing for us and our various families. He further discloses that justice is coming, which will affect us all if we can withstand it. 

Moving on, Joseph informs us that we’ll begin to see a ‘mount carmel moment’, where God who answers by fire will show Himself in all situations. Interestingly, he reveals that conservative media and independent filmmakers will begin to do things that’ll cause Hollywood to be shaken, for there’s a judgment against them and Disney. Also, he insists that this wave of freedom tech will extend to every area of media, and freedom of speech will once more become a norm. 

Moreso, Joseph instructs that there’s an anointing that brings the body of Christ together, and God is aligning many of His people to where they belong. He makes us realize that there are territories and areas that each of us is marked for; it’s important to discover the calling and location where God has called us, for when we find our tribe, we find our increase and breakthrough. He cautions that we discern where we’re sowing and act according to the spirit of God. 

Furthermore, Joseph brings to our understanding that God gives more grace to the humble but resists the proud. He goes on to bring to our knowledge that God speaks to us every time, but the real problem is in the way that we interpret God’s message to us. He then reassures us to stand firm in the word of God and not be shaken, for God built us for this time, if not, we wouldn’t be here.

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0:00 Introduction

02:00 It’s Not the End Yet

03:34 Time of Decline & Reformation

05:49 Revelations about Years & Timeframes

06:54 Justice is Coming

11:21 Recovery for All that is Lost

12:17 Mount Carmel Moment

15:34 One More Round for the US

16:28 Emergence of Conservative Media 

19:44 Unification of the Body of Christ: Alignment for All

26:22 Discern Where You Sow

28:49 Conclusion