Twitter 45’s Private information!—Glen Beck, Climate LOCKDOWNS, Hawaii LASER footage!—Prophecy LIVE!

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In this broadcast, Joseph Z brings us prophetic insights into the current goings-on in the culture; revealing some truths about Twitter, “45” and freedom of speech censorship. He interprets the incident with Glenn Beck’ deleted podcast on Apple to mean a test of the ground, to see if people’s speech can be censored without any retaliation from them. He proceeds further, sharing a video clip of laser technology and its capabilities; revealing also the reason why all these fires are erupting in certain select areas and locations, which he believes is an agenda to obliterate the people living in those areas to make room for a repossession of lands by the elites. 

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that there’s an agenda to raise a new world religion, which he believes to be climate change. He goes on to disclose that all that’s been happening is a coy to get us to buy into the idea of worshipping the climate. Also, he discloses that there are plans to implement a climate lockdown, which will result in the campaign for the use of more electrical cars, and digital/gas appliances that will, in the long run, take a toll on transportation; thereby compeling everyone into a digital cage. He went on to reveal that science has become a weapon; as we’ll begin to see more wild weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and wildfires that are induced.

Moreso, Joseph exposes that there’ll be a collision between light and darkness; for the spirit of Elijah will turn the heart of the children back to the parents and back a good moral foundation. The spirit of Elijah, he believes is a generational and confrontational spirit against all the false fires and evil narratives; bringing forth real fires that will engulf the false prophets and evil culture. Again, he asserts that all that’s happening now economically and medically is a consequence of operating under hell’s economy, but the spirit of Elijah shall rise to push back against the darkness, showing the young ones how to triumph and stand up for the good.

Furthermore, Joseph acknowledges that there’s a lot of wickedness going on and the evil ones may be succeeding now, but he declares that it’s not the end. He calls our attention to realize that the old model can no longer work on the modern culture, charging the body of Christ to embrace a new strategy by utilizing the media to clamp back against every evil thriving all over the land. He then charges us to stand now or lose it all. 


0:00 Introduction

04:12 Glenn Beck’s Challenge with Apple

05:53 Twitter & “45”: Trespass on Private Info

10:02 Maui Wildfire: Laser Tech?

14:23 Reasons for the Wildfires

17:04 The Ultimate Goal: A New One-World Religion

18:09 Pseudo-Science: Climate Lockdown

20:20 The Hidden Nefarious Agenda

21:51 Lockdown of Cities: Digital Cage Agenda

25:20 Science: A Weapon?

30:49 Collision of Darkness & Light

36:14 Conclusion

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