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“When hope deferred makes the heart sick, it is for the sole purpose of stealing the joy of God from our lives, but we should rest, assured that Jesus will never forsake us”.

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z brings us a message of a breakthrough, assuring us that the Lord is taking away the spirit of intimidation, fear, and poverty from every one of us. He reveals that there’ll be safe spaces for the holy spirit and that the safest places for us, are places where God has anointed and called us to be. He went on to declare that the anointing of God will break yokes off of our lives; informing us also, that the Lord will do something in our lives that we wouldn’t have believed if we were told it would happen. 

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Moving on, Heather takes over, praying against the spirit of Jezebel in the Land; declaring the banner of Jesus over our land, families, and children. She proclaims that every knee shall bow and every tongue confesses that Jesus is Lord. She hands over the nation to our Lord Jesus Christ, went further to bind any spirit of harassment over our children, and wages war against issues with the mind and heart. 

Similarly, Heather assures us that Jesus is Lord and that He is present in any ugly circumstance in our lives. She declares deliverance from everything that’s holding us down and also sets us free from any torment against our hearts and minds. In addition, she declares us clear-eyed and clear-minded to behold the plans that Jesus has for our lives. Again, Joseph declares that God is breaking us away from the impossible and that He will do the impossible for us all. He prays for our nation and that good leaders shall rise to take the seat of authority in our nation.

Furthermore, Heather prays for healing, declaring that every form of ailment in our body responds to the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, who through Him, all things are made whole. Also, she prays for wholeness for us all, binding in the name of Jesus, any form of pain and inflammation in our body and commands it to leave our bodies; for there’s victory in Jesus.


0:00 Introduction

02:00 Prophetic Evangelism

03:52 God’s Purpose for the Generation

04:46 The Safest Place in the World

07:22 The Anointing Breaks the Yoke

09:05 The Spirit of Elijah is Coming

10:15 Prayer Against the Spirit of Jezebel

13:28 Prayer Against the Devourer

17:32 Jesus Will Never Forsake You

19:44 Prayer Against Torments 

21:12 Anointing for the Impossible

23:37 Personal Prophecies, Healing Prayers & Conclusion

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