Disclosure Now Allowed—The Point of No Return?

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In this broadcast, Joseph Z alerts us to the game plan and the agenda of the nefarious characters behind the world’s affairs, which is, to have absolute control over humanity. As seen in the video clips that Joseph shared with us, it’s become obvious that things have suddenly run out of their hands, and just as he had prophesied earlier on, God is bringing exposure to the evil agenda that has been hidden for so long. In this live broadcast also, he goes on to expose a few individuals who are behind the unfortunate mishaps that have befallen the world lately. Also, he expressed bitterly, a distaste for the control and altering of the weather using laser technology.

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Moving on, Joseph brings to our attention, the great deception afoot with the COVID-19 tragedy, exposing that there’s a demonic hidden agenda behind this that’s geared towards destroying humanity. He goes on to reveal that there’ll be more disclosures pertaining to the UFOs and aliens narratives, as he believes that these narratives are mainly symphonies of deception employed to conceal the real issues. He cautions that if these narratives can be conjured easily to deceive people, we should be alert as they may also try to project the messiah to us, just as they’ve done with the aliens and UFO narratives.

Similarly, Joseph encourages us to accept our Lord Jesus in our lives and imbibe His words as often as possible until He starts speaking to us in our hearts. He goes on to disclose that there’ll be a surprising uprise, and that “45” may become victorious, but only because they would want him to be a scapegoat for all the atrocities they’ve committed in the culture in the last few years. Again, he shares a video clip of one of his prophecies broadcast on the 24th of August 2023, where he made lots of revelations, and revealed that there’ll be a wealth transfer for the people of God, especially in the area of lands.

Furthermore, Joseph continues to share his earlier prophecy with us, where he further reveals that there will be real voices in the political arena that will rise and confront darkness. Additionally, he reassures us that God is with us and we need not be afraid about everything going on in the world today because the spirit of God is with us. He then declares wholeness and healing over us all, praying for God’s divine protection over us and our various families.


0:00 Introduction

01:50 The Game Plan

03:10 AI: The Next Tool of Control

06:55 Weather Control & Militarization with Technology

10:34 Concerns Surrounding the Vaccine

14:11 Video Clip of a Victim of the Vaccine

17:30 The Great Disclosure: UFOs & Aliens 

20:15 The UAP/ UFO & Aliens Narratives

24:34 Downfall of a Shepherd & a Surprising Uprise

29:30 God, Over the Spheres of the Shadow Leaders

34:34 Wealth Transfers & New Voices

37:13 Conclusion

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