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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z shares with us, the ugly realities of our time. He brings to our attention the bizarre mask trend that looks so real to the point that one can’t tell it’s fake. He makes us realize the extent to which people can go to retain power. He then calls our attention to the Book of Mark 13:19-23 which warns us about the end times; revealing that there’ll be tribulations, such that has not been seen since the beginning of creation. This passage of the scripture also goes further to alert us about the great deception that will arise during these days, which is capable of sweeping the elect up in their five senses and causing everyone else to wonder.

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Moving on, Joseph continues to share with us the signs of a false Prophet or false Christ, which is, causing people to wonder. He goes on to frown at some political figures talking down on “45” when they’re making a mess of the polity themselves. Also, he reveals that we’re in, for days of the fire; revealing that years 2024, 2025, and 2026 will be years of the roar of war, fire, and pick-up sticks respectively. He asserts that despite everything going on, it’s not the end yet, regardless, we must begin to stand up for the truth, or we might induce the end to come sooner than it was designed to.

In addition, Joseph brings our attention to the Book of Mark 13:14-18 to elaborate on the instructions that Christ laid out for His church for the end times. He makes us understand that God wants us to pray, that these things which God already warned us about do not happen in the worst way. He goes further to reveal that micro-wins will accumulate into a roar; charging us also to declare that Jesus is Lord and put Him at the center of everything going on.


0:00 Introduction

01:52 Bizzare Reality Masks

05:30 Mark 13: 19-23: End Times 

06:32 Last Days Deception

09:17 Traits of a False Prophet or False Christ

11:44 “45” not Eligible to Run?

15:50 Stand Now or Lose It All

18:42 Days of Fire: Prophecies for Coming Years

20:45 It is not the End Yet

23:07 Mark 13:14-18 

26:27 The Importance of Intercession

30:56 Conclusion

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