Red Church - How Many Dimensions Are There?

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“Gifting will take you to a higher level, but your character will keep you there”.

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z outlines the many dimensions there are, revealing too, that some people are born with certain gifts, but most times get abandoned by the church and end up becoming psychics. He discloses that praying in the Holy Ghost, helps us to bypass our common minds. Also, he explains that the flesh is a mindset that is contrary to the word of God and everything the word of God teaches. Again, he exposes that we live in a three-dimensional space and that spiritual things are discerned spiritually, using the word of God.

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Moving on, Joseph enlightens us on how to discern things of the spirit; outlining also, the four different types of the prophetic flow, which are: Nabi, Roeh, Chazah, and Choseh. He goes on to explain that the Nabi is a teaching gift, the Roeh are visionaries who see supernaturally with visions and dreams. The Chazah on the other hand, is the gazing gift, while the Choseh is where you lean forward into the future or stare to see what’s coming. Also, he clarifies that when a revelation is not discerned, the interpretation becomes erroneous, and we must have our spirit, soul, and body in the right form in order not to miss the correct interpretation.

Similarly, Joseph brings to our understanding that mentalism is when you begin to hear the thoughts of people or begin to read their hearts, and we can step into that when we don’t utilize the word of God in our gifting. In addition, he explains that the soul comprises our mind, will, and emotion, and to get things done rightly, we must first get it right in the spirit. He then makes us realize that Jesus didn't come to condemn the world but to give us life more abundantly.

Furthermore, Joseph outlines the traits of real, and false prophets, pointing out also that we must know what our gifting is and establish on that. He explains further that when we get into the presence of God, we will know our gifts because it will be a motive for us; for we build ourselves up by praying in the holy spirit and reading the word of God. Also, when we pray in tongues, we sow into the future, and when we exercise our gifts in faith, miracles begin to happen.


0:00 Introduction

08:37 Gifts Are Callings Worked by Faith

10:18 Romans 8:14: Sons of God

10:40 How Do We Walk in the Spirit?

11:45 Understanding Dimensions

20:00 Spiritual Things are Spiritually Discerned

24:18 The Four Prophetic Flows

27:28 The Shaping Filter

32:22 The Make-Up of the Soul

38:45 Different Types of Prophets

52:26 Understanding False Prophets

1:02:01 Conclusion

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