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“Jesus is not mad at you, He loves you and wants you to win more than you do”.

In this broadcast, Joseph Z brings exposure to certain outlandish individuals trying to take over the world with their laughable policies suspected to pose more harm than good. He goes on to share another video clip revealing the agenda for World War three, and a game plan of making Utah the birthplace of a new Industrial Revolution. In spite of all that’s going on in the culture, he assures us that there’ll be light upon the darkness that has spread all over the nation.

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Moving on, Joseph continues to enlighten us about plans to imprison people in a digital cage, in order to exercise complete control over everyone. He goes further to reassure us that God wants us to stand and see great victory, for He has called us to freedom and liberty. He charges us to rise and stand in spite of everything going on in the culture today. He also brings our attention to the Book of Isaiah 60:1-3 to reassure us of God’s plan for our lives, how his glory appears over us, and how nations will come to our light to the greater glory of His name and for our happiness.

Similarly, Joseph informs us that the only way to be safe from all that’s going on in the world today is to accept Jesus into our lives and make Him our Lord and Saviour. He again takes us to the Book of Galatians 1:4 to remind us of Christ’s love for us, to the point that He has to give Himself up for our sake. He goes on to disclose that the will of God for our lives is to deliver us from this present evil age according to the will of our Father in heaven, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

In addition, Joseph further reveals that there’ll be signs in the heavens that will get the attention of the entire generation and there’ll also be a pulling apart of people who were once families and friends. This separation is necessary because people need to join the race of embracing Jesus Christ, for only through Him, will we be saved. Again, he reminds us that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the Father but by Him. He further reassures us that Jesus will make amends in every area of our lives that‘s unpleasant.


0:00 Introduction

02:57 World Economic Forum: The Big Agenda

05:58 The Great Reset

06:58 Unaffordable Housing: Lowering the Bar to Accept Less

08:00 Digital IDs: The Game Plan

10:26 World War Three: What to Expect

12:09 The Fourth Industrial Revolution

15:57 Light in Goshen

19:47 Isaiah 60:1-3: God’s Call to a High Understanding

24:14 Galatians 1:4: God’s Will for Us

27:50 Prayer Against Crisis Fatigue

30:26 Prayer & Conclusion

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