National Alert Oct 4th!—Power Grid, FAKE weather—Time of PROTECTION FOR YOU!

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In today’s live stream, Joseph Z alerts us about the goings on in the nation and the world at large. He brings to our attention a governmental plan to bring in an emergency alert system test, to phones, TVs, and Radios all across the US. He goes on to warn us about more and more of this to come, but this time in the power sector, and in the use of special tech to induce fake weather. He then charges us to pray for justice, for all those who have been displaced, and dispossessed of their lands in Hawaii; also standing against the nefarious tyranny in prayer.

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Moving on, Joseph continues to bring light to other issues that hardly make it to the big news, this time, we see an exit of major insurance companies from the California market with the excuse of inflation and to increase the company’s financial strength. Again, he raises alarm about the open border and the way and manner in which people have been trooping into the country. He also raises concerns about a hack in the power grid in the past and cautions that we watch out for another failure in the power grid soon. He informs us to get ready for dark days to come and encourages us to desist from panicking, but rather pray about all that’s going on.

Similarly, Joseph reassures us of a paid-in-full experience for all those who know the Lord and trust in him. He went further to reveal that there’ll be a lot of induced weather mishaps that’ll be attributed to natural disasters; revealing also that there’ll be war rumours in 2024. In addition, he exposes that all of these weather manipulations and unpleasant events are in a bid to control humanity and exert power over people. He then reassures us that the spirit of the Lord is making a great way for us where there’s none and that we should cast our cares on the Lord, trusting that he’ll keep us safe and provide for us.


0:00 Introduction

01:00 Emergency Alert System Test

05:13 Preparation for More to Come

07:06 The Game Plan of the Elites

10:29 California Insurance Market: The Issues

13:32 Open Border: The Concerns 

14:24 Power Grid Hack

15:27 Alert Systems & Fire Outbreaks

16:47 Dark Days: Grid Failures and More

18:35 Paid in Full Experience

25:43 Marshalling of Control

27:00 Conclusion

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