The Crucial Truth!—You must be PREPARED!!

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“Grace to you and peace from God!”.

In this broadcast, Joseph Z brings us the crucial truth about our lives, informing us that the only way to be safe from evil culture is through the name of Jesus. He employs the word of the Lord from the Book of Galatians 1:4 to remind us of God’s grace and peace for all who believe in Him. He goes on to also reassure us that we’re light in darkness because of Christ in us; charging all those who have not received Christ yet, to give their lives to Jesus.

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Moving on, Joseph brings our attention to the Book of Romans 10:12 to assure us of God’s love for everyone who believes in Him; for whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Also, in Romans 10:6-9, we are made to understand that we must believe in the name of the Lord, and believe also that he is raised from the dead to be saved. He goes further to reassure us of God’s promise of keeping us safe, and His assurance of no hurt coming near us, as seen in the Book of Acts 18:9-10.

Similarly, Joseph insists that God is with us and no one will hurt nor attack us; for He is with us in this city, now and always. Again, he brings our attention to the Book of Romans 10:13 which speaks about salvation and being saved, informing us that we’re saved from hell, the grave, and delivered. In addition, he instructs that we’re preserved, protected, prosperous, healed, and whole when we get born again in Christ Jesus. So to say, when we accept Jesus and ask Him to save us, we’re blessed with all the gifts of salvation.

Furthermore, Joseph brings to our knowledge that salvation is not a feeling but gained with faith, and when we renew our minds with the word of God, we begin to receive the promises of God in our lives. He went further to clarify that the holy spirit wants to fill us with His power when we receive Jesus, and getting baptized in the Spirit will cause the word of God to work through us, and bear fruit in us.


0:00 Introduction

03:07 Galatians 1:4: Grace & Peace

08:54 Romans 10:12-13

10:42 Romans 10:6-7: The Word is Near You

14:54 Acts 18:9-10: I am with You

19:52 You’re Not Alone

21:41 Salvation & Saved

22:21 Gifts of Salvation

29:51 Wholeness: Meaning

32:47 What Happens When You’re Born Again?

39:21 Prayer of Salvation

42:39 Conclusion

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