Prophetic Update—Coming NEXT!! 2022 Vision of Hawaii Fire!—CALIFORNIA WARNING *Nuclear Iran* (15 Min Cities!)

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In this broadcast, Joseph Z revisited his broadcast of September 13, 2023, where he raised alarm about the number of missing children since the Maui fire incident, and lamented also about the laissez-faire attitude of the government towards this issue. He went on to reveal that there’s a convergence descending upon the culture, causing people to recognize the darkness trying to invade the culture. Also, he reveals that there’s evangelism going on in North Korea, revealing also that Iran possesses the technical know-how to produce a large number of nuclear bombs in a short period of time and that calls for great concern.

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Moving on, Joseph recounts his broadcast of September 11, 2023, where he alerted us about the agenda of the World Economic Forum; revealing also that a plan for the great reset is in the pipeline. He went further to disclose that we must resist the central bank’s agenda for digital currency, as it will unleash absolute control over everyone. In this broadcast also, he brings our attention to the plans for World War Three and how AI will play a major role in this.

Similarly, Joseph alerted us about the fourth industrial revolution that’s predicted to take place in Utah. Regardless of everything going on, Joseph reassures us that light will shine in the darkness that has encompassed us; for though it was dark in Egypt, there was light in Goshen. He went on to share a clip of a woman standing up against the digital cage agenda, charging us all to rise and fight against this evil agenda; for the Lord has called us to freedom and liberty.

Furthermore, Joseph revisited his broadcast of September 12, 2023, where he brought our attention to the nation’s emergency alert system for radios, TVs, and phones. Also, he alerted us about the emergency exit of two major insurance companies from the California home insurance market. Again, he revisited his broadcast of 14 September 2023 where he reassures us of God’s love and protection over us all, as seen in the Book of Acts 18:10.

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