Prophecy! The Spirit showed me Vegas, Israel & October!!

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“What happens in Vegas will not stay in Vegas”.

In this broadcast, Joseph Z shares with us a revelation he saw regarding a breach that will take place in Vegas, and how what is trying to be contained will not be contained. He reveals also, just as he was directed by the spirit of God, that what happened in Vegas will not stay there. This, according to him, relates to a special tech that’s running out of the hands of those behind it. He goes on to reveal in this live broadcast, that Israel will advance and there’ll be an enthronement of a new president of Israel.

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Moving on, Joseph discloses that the national alert system that’ll kick off on the 4th of October is a data and preparation play, that has been designed to distract people from the main issues, and also a test of grounds for what’s to come next. He then urges us to pray for Vegas, as what God has revealed is not trivial. He insists also that Israel will march and advance, thereby bringing in a whole new paradigm.

Similarly, Joseph insists that there will be a new shift and gateway for Israel; insisting once more that the issue with the national alert system is a black move. In spite of everything that’ll take place, he reassures us that there’ll also be a great move of God in us. He went on to remind us that we’re in the last days and that the Lord is coming soon; encouraging us also to bring love, light, and liberty to the culture around us.

Furthermore, Joseph charges us not to shrink back but to occupy till Jesus comes; for Jesus is coming soon. Also, he encourages everyone who has not received Jesus to do so today. In addition, he reminds us that if we’re faithful with little, we will be faithful with many more. He reassures us more, declaring the greatest outpouring of God’s provisional blessings upon us, reminding us also that God is helping us in the middle of it all.


0:00 Introduction

02:52 Isreal’s Advancement

05:08 The Data Play: National Alert System

07:45 Revelation about Vegas: Wifi Waves, Breaches & More

09:36 Israel: Marching and Advancing?

10:12 A new Gateway and new Order for Israel?

11:45 A Great Good Move of God

12:53 The Black Move: What is it?

17:49 The Manchurian Candidate: Matters Arising

19:00 Conclusion

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