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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z in his usual manner, brings us prophetic insights into recent happenings around us. This time, he brings our attention to a portal that people saw on December 10, 2009. Also in another clip he shared from August 18, 2018, we could see another black hole-like portal that appeared in the sky, which got people screaming out of their lungs. He goes further to broaden our understanding with the word of God from the Book of Revelations 9:1-11, which enlightens us about a bottomless pit that was governed by a strange demon. Joseph likened this pit to the activities of CERN, which he believes opens up portals to other dimensions, thereby causing natural phenomena to gain supernatural access.

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Moving on, Joseph insists that the activities at CERN are introducing demonic entities into our natural space, thereby causing issues with the fabric of reality. He goes on to disclose that this is part of an end-time deception, just as we were warned by the Bible that there will be signs in the heavens in the last days. He acknowledges that it’s possible that people may be seeing things in the sky, but Aliens are not part of them. Also, he reveals that there’ll be a time of ultimate disclosure when we will have people come out to say the real truth about the things that have been appearing in the sky.

Similarly, Joseph insists further that there is no such thing as aliens, but there are fallen angel characters who want to hijack the narrative by appearing as angels of light; believing also, that all these narratives are setting up the scene for the antichrist. He brings our attention to the Book of Acts 2:19, where God reveals that he will show us wonders in the heavens and signs on the earth below. Also, in the Book of Luke 21:25, we were assured by the word of God that there’ll be signs in the moon, and in the stars, and on the earth distress of nations.

Furthermore, Joseph informs us that things will not get better, and just like the seven virgins in the Bible we should endeavor to keep our lamps filled with oil. He then admits that there are things appearing in the heavens and on earth, but this shows that we’re getting closer to the end. Reassuringly, he encourages us to read the word of God and stay in the scripture, and no matter what is going on in our lives, we should never forget that we’re born for this time. He urges us not to fear for there’s an exceptional way-making anointing, for us all.


0:00 Introduction

02:58 Video Clip of the Black Hole

06:33 Revelation 9:1-10: The Bottomless Pit

10:10 The Goddess Sheba

11:07 CERN & the Bottomless Pit: Any Correlation?

14:05 CERN: Portals, Demonic & Fallen Angels Activities

17:09 End Times Deception: Signs in the Heavens

19:25 Aliens & the Ultimate Disclosure

23:37 The Antichrist: Claiming Extraterrestrial?

24:37 Acts 2:19: Luke 21:25: Signs & Wonders in Heaven

30:09 Stay With Your Lamp Filed with Oil  

32:00 Conclusion

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