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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z enlightens us about how the Antichrist will deceive the elect. He also shows us the many things that can be done with advanced holographic imagery, and how this can be used to project events into the sky to make people believe they’re aliens. He goes on to share the vision he had about augmented reality, which was a way that God prepared him and showed him all that was to come into the scene soon. He also went on to disclose, another technology that can be used to put up certain events, project voices into people’s ears, and thoughts, and read responses to it by how their body responds to it.

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Moving on, Joseph revisits his prophecy of October 2, 2020, where he made some comments about the Manchurian candidate and how it has now been confirmed by 45 on the 9th of August 2023, during one of his interviews with the press. He goes further to bring our attention to the Book of Revelation 13:13-17, which elaborates on the agenda of the antichrist; warning us also about things to expect when his reign begins. He then clarifies that the image of the beast could very well pass off for an animated image, and also represents artificial intelligence; a special tech that would possess the power to accomplish even the impossible.

Interstingly, Joseph continues to shed more light on the tactics of the antichrist, clarifying that by using tech, the antichrist will be able to do the impossible which will cause people to believe in him, thereby creating room to implement all of the other agendas associated with it, just as warned in the Bible. This is because, for the elect to be deceived, they’ll have to employ induced supernatural experience that’ll make people believe that such can only be done by God. Again, he clarifies that with the abilities of the holographic imagery tech, every form of deception is possible, and this can be employed to deceive even the elect of God.

Furthermore, Joseph informs us that the antidote to these forms of deception, and the only escape route for the elect is to get ourselves baptized in the word of God, to be able to discern real from false. He then reassures us of Jesus’s love for us all, urging us also, not to be afraid, for we’re born for this time.


0:00 Introduction

01:28 Holographic Augmented Reality

03:21 Joseph’s Vision of Augmented Reality

06:12 Video Clip Exposing a Special Tech 

08:19 “45” Confirming a Prophecy?

12:05 Revelation 13:13-17: The Antichrist

17:07 Image of the Beast: Animated Image?

18:47 The Antichrist: What to Watch out For

22:35 How Would the Elect be Deceived?

25:14 Overcoming the Deception of the Antichrist

26:50 Conclusion

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