Prophetic Patterns—ROE V. WADE AMERICA’s Future!!

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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z outlines prophetic patterns, bringing us insights also, into America’s future. He shared his broadcast of November 18, 2022, with us where he revealed that there would be food shortages, and this was confirmed during one of the press conferences of the Manchurian candidate in the year 2022. Also, in his broadcast of January 13, 2022, he revealed that there would be an Island that would experience difficulty and this was confirmed two days later after the prophecy was made.

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Moving on, Joseph takes us back to his live prophecy aired on the 20th of September, 2022 where he received a prophecy about Hawaii, and on August 13th, 2023, we witnessed a devastating fire ravaging Hawaii in the most tragic manner. He says a prayer for all those who have been affected by the Mauii fire, praying for justice and for all missing children to be recovered. Again, on his live stream of October 26, 2021, he revealed that there would be a truckers' uprising in demand for their freedom. This prophecy became a reality and was confirmed by CBC News, aired on the 25th of January, 2022.

Similarly, in one of Joseph’s interviews with Todd Coconato, he revealed a prophecy about farmers; exposing that they would rise, and speak up against all the malpractices that have been committed against them by a few privileged elites. This prophecy, as we would later discover became a reality on June 23, 2022, when we saw a group of farmers protest against the unjust treatment meted against them. Also, in his live broadcast on November 15, 2021, he prophesied that things would happen to the queen of England. Again, in his broadcast of June 27, 2022, he revealed once more that the days of the queen of England were coming to an end, and also that there would be a land transfer when she departs. This as we all know has now come to pass with the demise of the queen of England late last year.

Furthermore, Joseph shared his broadcast of February 8, 2021, where he revealed that there would be a freedom technology that would come onto the scene, and also that, there would be a window of freedom of speech that would allow people to talk freely again. Also, he mentioned that Elon would be associated with this freedom tech, and we have seen this, with his purchase of Twitter(X). More Interestingly, in this live broadcast, you’ll find more past prophecies of Joseph that have now come to pass to the glory of God, who reveals things to us through his servant; to prepare us and reassure us of his ever presence in the affairs of men.


0:00 Introduction

01:57 Prophecy on Food Shortages

03:23 The Smokey Island Prophecy

07:23 The Hawaii Prophecy

08:40 Video Clip of the Ravaged Hawaii Island

10:47 Truckers’ Uprising Prophecy

14:35 Past Prophecy on the Queen of England

15:17 Past Prophecy on the Queen’s Demise

17:26 Freedom Tech: The Prophecy

22:23 Shaking the Institution: Elon Musk

25:08 More Fulfilled Past Prophecies

28:30 Conclusion

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