Prophetic Update: Uncovering Their Plans!

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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z recounts his earlier broadcast of September 18, 2023, where he showed us his past prophecy about Hawaii on September 20, 2022. He recounted his vision of Hawaii and how God showed him what was to come to Hawaii in advance before it came to pass, as we sadly witnessed in the past month. Also, he recounted his past prophecy of August 7, 2023, where he revealed to us that there would be an outbreak of zombies. This was later confirmed by the emergence of zombie drugs known to turn their victims into human zombies, and also by the emergence of the zombie army concept recently introduced by the government.

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Moving on, Joseph brings to our attention the move to push electric trucks on truckers, without appropriate measures to ensure that the people do not suffer from their rash policy. Meanwhile, in the past, he had prophesied about farmers experiencing some difficulties, and with this unchecked trucking policy, it would be no surprise to see farmers struggle to produce food as usual. Again, he went on to share with us a video clip of women insisting on praying before a panel who were to deliberate on important issues pertaining to our children’s wellbeing. Remember that earlier on, Joseph had prophesied that women of God would rise to stand up to the evil culture.

Similarly, Joseph went on to recount his live broadcast of September 19, 2023, where he shared a scary video clip showing a portal in the sky, which got people running for shelter. This occurrence was suspected to be a portal, as it’s been confirmed that the spiral way it showed up is exactly how portals work. Also, he revisited his broadcast of September 20, 2023, where he brought our attention to advanced holographic technology that is capable of creating any event whatsoever. He reminded us not to fall for these kinds of deception, as we’ve already been warned by the word of God that during the last days, there’ll be signs in the sky.

Further into this broadcast, Joseph recounted his past prophecy of the Manchurian candidate, and how this was later confirmed by “45” during one of his press conferences. He drew our attention to the Book of Revelation 13:13-17 which exposes the tactics of the antichrist and things to expect from him. He went on to clarify what the image of the beast represents, interpreting the end times’ symbols and likening them to our present realities today. He then urges us to sharpen our spiritual discernment by absorbing ourselves in the word of God and praying in the holy ghost; so as not to become victims of end-time deception.


0:00 Introduction

03:10 Joseph’s Vision of Hawaii

08:22 Zombies: Zombie Drug & the Zombie Army

13:07 Attack on Society’s Normalcy

13:34 Another Rise of Truckers

17:50 The Rise of Women of Fire: Momma Bears

23:12 A Portal in the Sky?

28:56 Project Bluebeam: Advanced Holographic Imagery

37:10 The Manchurian Candidate: A Prophecy Come True?

41:00 Revelation 13:13-17: The Antichrist

45:37 Interpretation of Revelation 13

52:35 Conclusion 

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