Prophetic Update: AGENDA 2030—ClimateLIE—YOU ARE THE MAJORITY!!

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In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z recalls his broadcast of September 28, 2023, where he exposed the agenda for the year 2030, which is a plan to make everything smart, so as to make it easier to exert control over everyone. He revealed in this same broadcast that there’s a global pushback against this nefarious agenda from people who have realized the devilish motive behind this agenda. As we would also realize in that broadcast, their plans are not moving in the direction they had expected but in reverse.

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Moving on, Joseph continues to recall his earlier broadcast where he brought more exposure to the evil agenda of the nefarious world leaders disguising themselves as saviors to an insane culture and a world gone mad. He went ahead to bring to our understanding that the motive behind these evil agendas is to control the world and run the lives of people while they go about their nefarious activities without any form of remorse or retaliation from people.

Again, in the broadcast of September 28, 2023, Joseph alerted us about a form of threat against the power grid; recall that he had earlier prophesied about a power grid failure in one of his past prophecies. As we would later see once more, in his broadcast of September 25, 2023, he brought our attention to a news clip, where concerns were being raised about climate change which may lead to a worldwide lockdown. This reminds us of his earlier prophecy about a climate lockdown in one of his recent prophecies this year. He reminds us once again that we’re called to occupy, stand, and challenge all that’s not going according to God’s plan for mankind.

Furthermore, Joseph insisted once more that the big agenda is to put the world on a climate lockdown and cause food shortages, in their bid to sabotage the truck industry by insisting that they switch from diesel to electric trucks. Also, he revisited his broadcast of September 26, 2023, where he brought exposure to the activity of the red dragon in oceans, which he believes could be a hidden agenda to induce war. Recall that in one of his past prophecies, he revealed that we will witness war games at sea and this has been confirmed with the red dragon's questionable desperation to dominate seas and oceans. He then releases the spirit of faith over the nation, also going up against the Antichrist spirit that’s trying to put every one of us in a digital cage.


0:00 Introduction

02:41 The Global Pushback

10:42 Chips in Humans?

14:32 The October Alert System Testing

19:57 The Power Grid: Threatened?

21:16 Climate Change: What You Need to Know

25:21 A Call to Stand Up in Defence

27:59 Past Prophecies about Climate Lockdown

35:58 Kingdom Collision: A Roar & a War

39:57 What You Must Do

40:30 War Games in Oceans & Seas

46:45 Conclusion 

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