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Today, in our Full Disclosure live broadcast, Joseph Z reveals a number of things that the Lord has exposed to him. He believes the responsibility of what’s coming next rests upon the shoulders of people like us who will continue to pray and rise up against darkness. He begins by showing us a video clip of journalists sharing the same opinion about our democracy, which he finds a little bizarre. Ryan Edberg, who is co-analyst with Joseph on today’s broadcast, lends his voice to the reason why these journalists have a uniform response, which he attributes to being tied to Black Rock. He insists that Black Rock is running things behind the scenes, and his control is not limited to specific individuals but a whole establishment, which he believes is bigger than a few individuals under his demonic influence. 

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Moving on, Joseph shares another clip with us which brings our attention to how most companies are being forced to go woke. Ryan sheds more light, exposing who the biggest shareholders are in the affected companies which is quite surprising but very interesting. Joseph goes on to expose how Ukraine’s president’s dirty laundry is being washed before the eyes of the world, questioning also the relationship that this country has with Black Rock. Ryan weighs in on this, disclosing that Ukraine happens to be one of the most corrupt countries, thanks to the people running it from behind the scenes. He exposes that the real target is this country’s large deposit of resources; revealing also the individuals who are most desperate to lay their hands on these resources. 

More interestingly, Joseph exposes that the setting for the antichrist is being laid, what with everything we’re witnessing today. He goes on to expose that the agenda is to get the US into battle with Russia but fears that the US may not take it all in, given how our military has been treated in Ukraine. Ryan responds to this with an affirmation, revealing more that China is playing a big role in this, as they see it as “a way out” of their debts. Again, they go on to comment on the recent mind game that’s being played on the electorates with a text that’s been going around, which they believe is a tool of deception to discredit Trump. Also, they went further to delve into the nation’s politics, weighing in on possible Democratic candidates for the 2024 election. 

Furthermore, Joseph shares another clip exposing Clark Schwab’s many ridiculous agendas and how Pope Francis is in support of this New World Order, a few years after the pandemic. As we would later see, their agenda is taking a nose dive, as only 15% of their plan has seen the light of the day. Interestingly, Joseph fears that these desperate globalists could come up with a black swan event that may force people to bend to their will, but Ryan weighs in, advising everyone to take precautionary measures to stay safe in the midst of all that’s going on.  

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