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“Whose report shall you believe”?

In today’s Red Church broadcast, Joseph Z informs us about the need to be prepared. He begins by informing us about Christ’s love for us, but at the same time urging us to be prepared for the second coming of Christ. He explains that when Adam erred, he gave the devil power over humanity, but Jesus came and defeated the devil; releasing mankind from the clutches of the devil, that, whoever believes in Him, will be saved. He went on to inform us that the Lord is calling many of us to become living sacrifices, and He would use what’s weak in the eyes of the world to shame the strong.

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Moving on, Joseph reveals that America has one more round because the young lions are coming. He goes further to reveal that the cinderellas are also coming. Explaining that they are those who have precious gifts that are not used to the glory of the Lord, thereby becoming victims of the institution. He further explains that Cinderellas have a pure spirit, live in a place of origination, and create from nothing; the Lord will use them to change the world.

Again, Joseph urges us to stay away from people with the rake anointing. He went further to reveal that men of God shall rise, and take their role in the body of Christ. He also discloses that there’s something out there emasculating men, and making women masculine. He then urges us to watch out for the Momma bears who will soon rise in defense of their children and the culture. Also, he further reveals that there’s an anointing for Watchmen prophetic journalism at the moment to begin to speak to what’s going on, identify, and then pray, thereby altering the narrative.

Furthermore, Heather takes the podium and prays for divine healing in our bodies, commanding anything that’s not of God to depart from us. She urges us to search our hearts and forgive anyone whom we’ve been holding grudges against, for there’s freedom in forgiveness. She further clarifies that freedom comes into our lives when we begin to let go of things. When this happens, we begin to receive God’s favor, healing, and God’s promises over our lives.


0:00 Introduction

06:42 Eternity Past & Future

11:32 Humility: Saying about Yourself What Christ Says

11:45 The Season of Time

17:15 Be Delivered From People

19:22 Every Knee Shall Bow

21:05 A Call to Become Living Sacrifices

24:24 This is not the End

27:48 The Trump Tower Encounter

30:34 Cinderellas: Who are they?

34:17 The Rake Anointing

41:56 Healing Prayer & Conclusion

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