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“Good people don’t go to Heaven, Saved people do”.

In today’s live broadcast, Joseph Z talks about the new apostasy, heresy, national alert system, and depopulation agenda. He shares a clip of Andy Stanley, one of the leading voices in the public church space, denying the authority of the scripture, and undermining the foundations of the word of God. He explains that whenever anyone begins to defy the authority of the Scripture, they’re headed on the path of heresy. He then condemns the actions of Andy Stanley because he believes he’s going out of line, and cares more about connecting with people on an emotional level, rather than telling them the truth. He again condemns how people try to hold onto their sins, expecting God to accept them, instead of coming to God in repentance of them.

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Moving on, Joseph points out once more, the heretic behavior of Andy Stanley and condemns his actions because he is violating the fundamentals of our faith and misleading people with his teachings. He goes on to warn people to desist from following this fellow, as he is teaching a false doctrine; reminding us that it is wrong to go beyond what is written, as this is encouraging perversion in the church. He went on to assert that unless he repents, he’s a heretic and an apostate. However, he prays for him, that he may turn away from the path he’s toeing and come back to Christ once more.

Moreso, Joseph discusses the October alert system, revealing that events like this are precursors to a real event that won’t be announced. He goes on to ask that we stay in faith, and not let our hearts be troubled, because good news is on the way in spite of all that is going on. Again, he urges us to take care of ourselves and stay in peace and in faith. In addition to this, he shares a video clip of the depopulation agenda, making us understand that these people never volunteer to test their plans on themselves, but prefer to use others as guinea pigs for their ridiculous demonic agendas.

Further into this broadcast, Joseph reveals that there’s hope coming, in the middle of all that’s happening all over the nation. He shares a vision he had about breakthroughs for us all, in the areas of deliverance, finances, promotion, politics, disclosures, and more levels of freedom. He insists that we will witness angelic assistance, ushering in health, and healing. He then reminds us that Jesus wants us to win more than we do, and to achieve this, we must embrace the word of God. Just as Galatians 1:3-4 reminds us, it is the will of God to be delivered from this present evil age. He prays that the peace of God be bestowed upon us all and our various families.


0:00 Introduction

04:21 Andy Stanley: Apostasy?

05:27 Good People Don't Go to Heaven

10:10 What Makes One an Apostate?

11:41 Can You Have A Certain Lifestyle and Be a Believer?

16:29 Joseph’s Rebuke of Andy’s Conduct

24:12 We must Stand in the Word of God

25:20 The October Alert System

33:49 Depopulation

41:04 Hope in the Horizon

43:59 Angelic Assistance

46:42 Prayer & Conclusion

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