PORTALS FROM HELL?? Ancient EVIL AT CERN! Stay Spiritually Strong

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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z exposes the ancient evil at CERN, and the portals to hell that their activities over there in Geneva Switzerland are creating. He begins by explaining the meaning, and purpose of CERN which is the creation of portals to other dimensions. This is further analyzed with the word of God taken from the Book of Revelation 9:1-13 which warns us about what to expect during the last days. It may interest you to know that: the CERN logo is three sixes intertwined, the statue of a Hindu god is displayed in front of the CERN headquarters, and it is also the birthplace of the World Wide Web (www).

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Moving on, Joseph continues to expose more intriguing hidden facts about CERN; sharing also a video clip of a demonic celebration going on at CERN in honor of the opening of a tunnel. It’s interesting to note that, this said celebration looks like an act of worship to a demonic entity. He then questions the relationship between this horrific religious ritual that took place at CERN to science which they have managed to make everyone believe they are into. Another bizarre video clip surfaces, showing what we believe to be a cult ceremony, at the end of which a human was stabbed in the form of a sacrifice to a deity.

More intriguing is another image Joseph shared about a peculiar portal-shaped formation seen over at CERN, during their awake experiment. He went further to expose some areas in America where there are also large hedge-drone colliders, believed to be associated with CERN. Again, he further reveals that China is building a 62-mile super collider in semblance to what is seen at CERN headquarters but much larger than what we have at CERN at present. One would wonder about the bizarre obsession with this supposed piece of scientific facility. In addition, he reveals that the real activity going on at CERN is the creation of portals to other dimensions, which he likened to witchcraft.

Furthermore, as we’ve been taught previously in one of Joseph’s broadcasts, witchcraft is a sin of rebellion, and was what Nimrod did with the Tower of Babel. More interestingly, the meaning of the name Nimrod is “we rebel”, and he strongly believes that what’s happening at CERN today is the same thing that Nimrod attempted to do. Again, he believes that all of these activities at CERN have a lot to do with the UFOs, weather, AI, and strange Tech which he warned us about in one of his prophecy broadcasts. He urges us not to forget that Jesus is Lord, and none of these activities stand up to the name of Jesus. He then pleads the blood of Jesus over us all and our various families. 


0:00 Introduction

01:50 CERN: Scientific Facility or Religious Cult?

04:32 CERN & the Bible

09:15 Revelation 9:1-13: Last Days Events

13:20 The Bottomless Pit & CERN

16:18 CERN Occult Connections

20:40 The Goat Man: Relationship with CERN

22:19 Demonic Video of CERN’s Celebration of a Tunnel

29:45 Satanic Human Sacrifice at CERN’s Shiva Statue?

32:54 Portals & CERN’s New Awake Experiment

38:10 Another Super Collider in China?

41:28 Conclusion

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