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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z brings us a recap of his Saturday prophetic broadcast tagged “Full Disclosure”, which you can watch on Joseph Z’s app. Click on this link  to download our app. In the previous episode of Full Disclosure, Joseph Z and Ryan divulged the hidden issues in the nation and the world at large. They exposed the demonic agendas of the globalists, revealing that they would go to the length of declaring a black swan event, just to get them the control they eagerly seek over the world. He moves on to show us a recap of his prophetic broadcast of October 3, 2023, where he exposed CERN’s satanic religious cult disguised as a science facility.

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Moving on, Joseph continued to reveal interesting facts about CERN and its relationship to the Biblical prophecy of Revelation 9. He went on to expose the sinister purpose of CERN that has been hidden from the eyes of the public since its inception, ranging from its occult symbols and its demonic worship-like celebration, put up in celebration of the opening of a tunnel(portal). Also, he wondered how this ceremonious display, likened to the worship of a deity is CERN’s own style of exploring science; and to what end?

Similarly, Joseph disclosed that there are other locations for this large Hadron collider all over the world. He further exposed that, what they’re creating over there at CERN is a portal to other dimensions, and as such they’re guilty of rebellion, which is a sin of witchcraft. Interestingly, he went further to reveal that the end result of their activities there is to open up portals to other dimensions, introducing demonic entities from other dimensions into our natural world; resulting in the UFO narrative, weather issues, strange tech, and artificial intelligence.

In addition, Joseph reassures us that none of these ugly events stand up to the name of Jesus; for JESUS is LORD! Again, he revisited his broadcast of October 2, 2023, where he admonished Andy Stanley for his heretic and apostate behavior. Also, he recounted his broadcast of October 4, 2023, where he shared a dream he had about a tornado and a shelter in the middle of it. He interprets this to be a time of darkness for America, after which will come a new America that will be different from what we used to know. He then disclosed that these dark times would have a significant impact because they would birth reformers, who would rise to challenge darkness. 


0:00 Introduction

03:44 The WEF 2030 Agenda at Risk of Failing?

08:40 Black Swan Event

11:25 CERN: What You Need to Know

12:31 CERN & the Bible

21:31 CERN’s Demonic Celebration

27:17 CERN: Science Facility or Religious Cult?

29:29 Other Locations of Large Hadron Colliders?

30:21 CERN’s Relationship to Witchcraft

36:29 Andy Stanley: Guilty of Apostasy?

45:14 The Tornado Dream & Interpretation

53:52 Conclusion