Current State of THE WORLD!—Pastor Todd Coconato & Joseph Z

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In this live broadcast, Joseph Z features Pastor Todd, and they analyze the current state of the world. Todd responds to the current trend of artificial intelligence doing a variety of things that humans can do and fearing that they are also getting to the level of singularity which is, surpassing what humans can do. Joseph seeks Todd’s thoughts on the new meeting between three tech gurus who recently held a closed-door meeting, wondering what could be the purpose of this meeting, and speculating it to be another means of devising ways to control the general populace. Todd, on the other hand, agrees to this, believing that their plans portend no good.

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Moving on, Joseph raises concern about the upcoming election and the role that the AI would play, fearing that it would be used to take people unawares, discredit the people, and manipulate the results. Todd echoes his support to this, especially seeing how deception has been employed to mess with the minds of the masses, by putting different ideas into people’s minds for the sole aim of getting them confused and causing them to wonder. He went on to remind us that when a nation turns its back on God, it becomes a slave to the other nations. So to say, we must turn away from our sins, repent of them, and embrace God, to be restored back to the great nation we used to be. Again, they discussed the current silent depression in the nation and the de-dollarization that’s been on for a while, trying to push the US to the level of a third-world country.

More interestingly, Joseph establishes that there are strange manifestations in the world today, which he believes are all mechanized for deception. He shows us a video clip of a concert and how the crowd’s heads were tipping backward like a wave. Todd elaborates on this, exposing that there is a satanic influence on the music industry and most musicians don’t make it to a certain level, except they sell their souls to these demonic entities. He warns us to be watchful about what our kids listen to and not take it for granted, because there’s definitely something sinister about these songs. Again, Todd highlights what he believes we should expect in the coming year 2024, believing that there’ll be a positive shift in the body of Christ soon.

Furthermore, Todd insists that this is the time to stand up, and not give up when the battle is yet to start. They went further to make more observations about the current political situation, analyzing the candidates who are suitable for the presidency, and those who would possibly be a chip of the old block. Also, they charge us to come out from among them and be set apart for God. Todd then prays for everyone having anxiety, and depression; rebuking the spirits behind it; whilst thanking God also for the elderly among us who nudge us when we slumber. 


0:00 Introduction

02:23 Artificial Intelligence in Retrospect

06:18 Technology: What are we in For?

08:27 The Tactic: Disinformation & Misinformation

12:45 Suppression Pool & What we Must do

16:17 Silent Depression: What You Need to Know

19:30 Witchcraft at Work in the World?

20:25 Demonic Influence in the Music Industry?

25:25 Year 2024: What to Expect

32:36 Time to Stand Up

37:40 Come Out From Among Them

40:47 Conclusion