The Conflict's NEXT STEPS! Hear What the Spirit is Saying!!

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God is speaking, are you listening?

In this live stream, Joseph Z brings our attention to the recent happenings in the world around us which are not only the collision of geopolitical forces but also the powers of darkness. He begins with the word of God taken from the Book of John 14:1 to encourage us to not allow our hearts to be troubled. He goes on to assure us that God has called us to a very high walk with Him and that all of the things going on in the world today are not taking God by surprise. Further on, he reveals that there’ll be a season of darkness, but it will birth a newness that will be led by reformers; for God is calling on reformers to bring light into the institution. Also, he urges us to pay attention to the small news and not be engulfed in the big news only.

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Moving on, Joseph continues to encourage us with the word of God taken from the Book of Mathew 24 to draw our attention to the warning against being deceived by false teachers and also to remind us about all that will take place before the coming of Christ. He went on to urge us to always read the word of God to get the answers we seek and to partake in the peace that the Lord gives, which the world can not give. Also, he discloses that Israel will push back with great response, and warns that we keep watch in prayer, because the present crisis between Israel and her neighbors may lead to WWIII.

Moreso, Joseph expresses disagreement over the ideology of the Body of Christ replacing Israel, stating that God never minced words when He made a covenant with Israel and called them His own people. He went on to bring to our understanding that we’re not in the tribulation yet, just as many people have feared. Again, he makes us understand that God shows His prophets things to prepare the people for what’s coming, and not to make us afraid of the times and happenings. He further encourages us to intercede by praying in the word of God, and not letting fear grip us, thereby stripping us of our strength in God.

Furthermore, Joseph insists that Israel will respond with unprecedented force. He reassures us that the spirit is making a great way for us where there is no way in the middle of all that’s happening, for the Lord has anointed us for such a time as this. Again, he reassures us more, reminding us that sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning. He further disclosed that we will witness a new horsepower on us like we’ve never experienced before. He then declares an increase on us, commanding every chain to break off, whilst assuring us that Christ Jesus is in us, the hope of our Glory. 


0:00 Introduction

01:40 John 14:1: Let Not Your Heart be Troubled

03:28 The Timelines: Time of Darkness & a New America

07:14 The Peace of God is Upon You

11:15 Mathew 24: Signs of the End Times

15:46 Where to Find the Answers

18:23 The Church Never Replaced Israel

19:50 We’re not in the Tribulation

25:07 Earlier Prophetic Word about Israel: September 16th Broadcast

31:07 Beware of Sensationalism

35:27 New Anointing on Your Life

37:04 Conclusion